CLICO – security, networking and management

Since 1991, CLICO has been operating on Polish market as the largest specialized added value distributor. It focuses on three areas: security, networking and management. Effectively introduces and promotes unique solutions of world leaders in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries.

Cooperation with Websense

As part of the strategy of a complete portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, CLICO has partnered with Websense, as it was previously called Forcepoint. Websense has gained recognition thanks to solutions for managing employees’ access to the Internet.

Along with the popularization of the Internet and its development, and in particular what we call Web 2.0, Websense has developed its technologies by migrating from URL filtering towards a system that protects against malicious code and other web threats. The company has introduced, among others, content analysis and real-time categorization of websites, anti-virus and SSL inspection. The incident detection solution now known as Forcepoint UEBA has also become a strong item in the offer.

Forcepoint – greater Websense capabilities and unique NGFW

In 2016, Websense took over StoneSoft (McAfee Next Generation Firewall) and Sidewinder (McAfee Firewall Enterprise) solutions from Intel Security and changed its name to Forcepoint.

StoneSoft and Sidewinder technologies have been combined to create a unique new generation firewall – Forcepoint NGFW. Among the many distinguishing features of this solution include the architecture focused on detecting security bypass attempts, advanced load balancing of devices working in the cluster and VPN tunnels, and the most extensive central management console enabling configuration and control of thousands of devices. Forcepoint also provides excellent security for SD-WAN networks connecting geographically distant branches of companies.