Connection efficiency, reliability, safety and low costs. Use the latest technologies to optimize expenses and provide employees with the highest quality of communication. Discover and compare the capabilities of MPLS, SD-WAN and hybrid solutions.

Efficient connectivity thanks to Forcepoint solutions

MPLS – high costs, low flexibility

A few years ago dedicated Internet connections were the foundation of operation of many enterprises and distributed institutions. This was due to the poor availability of links. Using such solutions entailed high installation and operating costs.

On-premises Secure Web Gateway with MPLS connectivity from the branch office

Today, when in virtually any location we have access to several Internet providers, the use of VPN connections is a much cheaper. Thanks to the technology used in the solutions delivered by Forcepoint, you can stop using MPLS while increasing the efficiency and stability of infrastructure operation in a multi-branch enterprise.

In addition, VPN connections are encrypted by default. Using unencrypted MPLS connections is a significant exposure of company data to their eavesdropping and the company’s reputation for invaluable losses.

SD-WAN – economical, trouble-free, safe

The ability to use various Internet providers forced a change in the way of thinking about WANs. By using multiple Internet connections at the same time, Forcepoint solutions provide multi-channel VPN connections. It ensures increased stability of operation and unprecedented flexibility of connections.

SD-WAN technology reduces operating costs while increasing the capabilities offered by VPN. You can send data faster and more efficiently. Thanks to encryption of VPN connections data is protected against possible attempts to interfere with it or steal it. The use of advanced Forcepoint technology allows automatic optimization of connections.

Local Internet breakout with VPN-assisted Cloud Secure Web Gateway

The use of many Internet connections as part of VPN connections guarantees trouble-free communication. It is thanks to dynamic channel replacement by another connection and optimal bandwidth depending on whether a given type of traffic requires real-time response or the highest quality.

Hybrid solution – VPN and hard connection

An organization that has already invested in a local gateway can use this model to remove MPLS costs while retaining the original investment. Or it can be a natural step towards migrating to the model only in the cloud. Finally, IT departments that have serious reasons to own and manage reporting or configuration data for compliance reasons can also choose this path, even in the long run.

Hybrid Web Security with VPN-assisted branch office protection

QoS in VPN

The tasks performed by employees have their priorities. It is worth remembering that the operation of the network should keep up with the dynamics of changing tasks. Traffic control using the QoS engine has been done for many years to ensure the operation of the most critical services in the network. 

SD-WAN advantages

Many government companies or agencies are seeking SD-WAN to reduce or eliminate their dependence on slow, costly MPLS lines. However, this is just the beginning of what SD-WAN can do for organizations.

Lower connectivity costs

SD-WAN reduces current operating costs by switching from expensive MPLS lines to widely available broadband such as optical fiber, cable, DSL and even mobile technologies.

Higher performance of cloud applications

Thanks to SD-WAN new and fast lines can be easily added to sites requiring higher capacity. By connecting pages directly to the Internet, SD-WAN removes bottlenecks and delays that are common in older WAN networks.

Low failure rate

Traditional WAN environments usually have a single network connection going to every location. Thanks to SD-WAN, you can use multiple links from different Internet service providers, eliminating one point of failure that could lead to the network in the branch stop working.

Fast network development

When you open new branches, time is money. SD-WAN enables quick configuration of reliable and secure networks, using any Internet service provider that is most suitable for your location.

Optimized use of resources

SD-WAN enables intelligent assignment of key applications to various connections, including internal lines, as well as the Internet. It assigns each of them different quality of service guarantees (QoS). This allows you to apply the right resources in every situation and maximize efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs.

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