Forcepoint NGFW for the third time in a row achieved the highest score in terms of security effectiveness in testing NGFW solutions for 2019. Forcepoint firewall is the solution officially recommended by NSS Labs.

For the seventh time in a row, the Forcepoint NGFW firewall has received the highest rating (“RECOMMENDED”) from NSS Labs conducting the study. This result has been stable since the start of the next generation of firewall testing.

Forcepoint firewalls “reacted correctly to all of 406 attacks using security evasion techniques that took place during testing and increased their blocking rate by 2.45%” to 99.64%!

NOTE: NSS Labs revised its test report for the Forcepoint NGFW on September 17, 2019, and noted that after retesting with a more recent build of our firewall software, Forcepoint NGFW “appropriately handled all of the 406 evasions it was tested against… and improved its exploit block rate by 2.45%” to 99.64%, which would have been very close to the top of the graph shown below. 

Download the updated version of the report to view the complete Forcepoint NGFW test results and analysis.