SD-WAN Forcepoint obtained 100% points in terms of security and met all operational challenges of the SD-WAN network in a group study conducted by NSS Labs. SD-WAN Forcepoint is one of the few solutions recommended by NSS Labs.

NSS Labs simulated the enterprise network, which has branches connected to the data center via two links. They were:

During the implementation of the study, selected suppliers were examined, testing the performance of their solutions, video and VOIP quality, and the effectiveness of security.

The Forcepoint NGFW solution worked well in all cases and provided all operational capabilities recommended by NSS Labs as necessary for the operation of the SD-WAN network. Our solution also obtained 100% points in all security tests, blocking all security bypass techniques (evasion attacks).

“Forcepoint is one of the few vendors to support all of the use cases and capabilities we tested as well as strong security in their SD-WAN solution. They should be on the short list for any organization that’s looking to connect and protect their distributed enterprise.”

– Vikram Phatak, CEO, NSS Labs

Read the report and learn how Forcepoint delivers SD-WAN with enterprise scale and security.

Also available is the 2018 NSS Labs NGFW Test, where Forcepoint NGFW received the highest score in security efficacy.